Download to get rid of those pesky bugs.


Unit Testing framework for ColdFusion developers
the latest MXUnit Framework.
  • Unzip into webroot
  • Test the install: http://myserver/mxunit/index.cfm

  • Easy to use
  • Eclipse integration
  • Method-level testing
  • Debug Output
  • ANT task
  • Test Stub Generator
  • Latest Version: 2.1.3 (09/27/2012)

2. Get the MXUnit Eclipse Plugin

  • Download and install Eclipse and the MXUnit Framework
  • On the Eclipse menu, select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install. Select Search for New Features to Install. Click New Remote Site. Enter MXUnit Plugin for the Name and for the URL. Click Finish and follow the instructions.
  • Details: Open Eclipse, then read Help > Help Contents > MXUnit: ColdFusion Unit Testing Framework
  • System requirements: Eclipse 3.4 or later, running under JDK1.5 or later. Read this for 3.2/3.3 support. YMMV with FlexBuilder standalone.

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