Thursday, January 17, 2008

Don't read this. Seriously. Don't.

No, I'm serious. This is just a test post to try out some of the stuff on blogger. I know. Dudes like me are supposed to be all techno and bloggy and whatnot. Should've been blogging since 1994 when it all started. I know.

But hey, I'm reluctant. I'm busy. And besides, who the hell cares?

I had about 5 minutes of fun today puzzling over some puzzling (duh) thing. Here's what the MXUnit view is supposed to look like in eclipse:

But When I opened up a test file, right clicked, hit "run mxunit test", nothing. just dead air. So I'm like "helloooooo McFly". I pop open the error view and sure enough, the dreaded "Unhandled event loop exception".

WTF? I've been using this plugin way too long to get stuff like that.

The error: NoClassDefFound javax.blah.SomethingOrOther.That.Axis.Depends.On

I open up my mxunit debug launcher. a new eclipse instance pops up. All works fine.

Now I'm getting tight. Like a retard, I try 5 more times. Same error. So I'm thinking, "I've seen this sort of thing before". Classes just go off missing, straight up punk out and split. Like, "see ya, douche, i'm outta here". I still get this in a spring app of mine from time to time. It's almost like the class is garbage collected right before my eyes or something.


What's changed recently? Well... the only thing I can remember changing was that I added a plugin for watching the eclipse heap size, and it puts this little garbage collector button down in the trim and you just wanna click it cause you like to see the numbers drop. i clicked it like 10 times today (i was bored). Could it really be possible that it just swiped a class from the classloader? Noooo. No way.

So what do I do? I get in touch with my inner IT guy. I ask "What would the IT guy do? (WWITGD).

I know what he'd do.




So anyway. I wonder what that image i uploaded will look like. I got some queer ajax screen from blogger when I was uploading the file. Little bastard just sitting there spinning saying "we're ftping your file". Oh yeah? Takes 10 minutes to ftp an image, eh? I go back to this here blog screen and there's the image, in the editor. Oi.

See... told you this was definitely not worth your time. you can't say I didn't warn you.

And although poor you just spent 3 minutes reading this drivel, I'm gonna go have a Dalwhinnie 15. In 2 minutes, you'll still be thinking "what the F did I just waste my time on that for" and I'll be thinking "Whoever started the Dalwhinnie distillery surely sits at the right hand of the Father, for he has brought glory unto this world".



At January 18, 2008 11:10 AM , Blogger Marc Esher said...

Nice... after some more testing, that's what it is: the little garbage collector doodad. took me some trial and error to figure it out though.

Basically, if the view is not activated when eclipse starts, and I hit the garbage collector before activating the view, then I get the error. If the view is active when eclipse starts, or if I activate it any time before initially hitting the GC button, everything is fine. Subsequent clicks on that button after activating the view have no effect.



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