Friday, March 14, 2008

a few small plugin updates

The other night I released a new version of the mxunit eclipse plugin. This fixes two bugs in the "stack trace" table at the bottom of the plugin.

Bug 1: if you click on the name of a failed test, it goes to line 1 instead of the point of failure. This actually wasn't so much of a bug as a feature i never implemented fully. now it works like i always wanted it to work.

Bug 2: if you click on a "white space" line in the trace table, you get an eclipse error. Actually... you probably never noticed the error... it just goes silently to the eclipse error log. But i fixed that anyway.

One other thing: I added the help instructions for setting up the snippets into the integrated eclipse help. This shows you how to get the snipex server set up. There are a handful of useful mxunit snippets on there.

marc, out.


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