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Eclipse Snippets

CFEclipse gives you the same snippet functionality you know and love from ColdFusion Studio. And now it goes a step further: SnipEx servers. This means you can get snippets from other folks simply by pointing to a snipex URL.

MXUnit uses the snipex server created by Todd Sharp.

This set of instructions assumes you know how to use snippets in CFEclipse (it does not assume you know how to use snipex). Please read about snippets first if you don't know what they are. If you're interested in learning more about snipex, please read that, too. It's quick and short and good.

Step 1: Clear your snippet cache

NOTE: you can skip this step if you've never set up the snipex server

(From Ray Camden's blog post)

  1. Change to your Eclipse workspace. Mine was at /Users/ray/Documents/workspace
  2. Change to .metadata/.plugins/org.cfeclipse.cfml/snipex
  3. Delete all XML files
  4. Restart Eclipse

Step 2: Add the snipex server

  1. Open the Snip Tree View
  2. Click the little white upside down triangle to the far right
  3. Select "Edit SnipEx Servers"
  4. Add into the first open URL box
  5. Click Apply
  6. Restart Eclipse

Step 3: Try it out

  1. Open any existing test case or create a new one. Or just pop open the scribble pad.
  2. Open the snip tree view
  3. You'll now see "" as a new entry in the tree
  4. Expand the tree. Look in the tree for "MXUnit". Expand it.
  5. You'll see all available snippets for MXUnit in there.
  6. To insert a snippet, just double click it!